No Sugar Sauce

About Us

No Sugar Sauce is just that – the most popular and delicious sauce recipes that you know and love, just without all the added sugar!

We focus on tried and tested recipes where we don’t sacrifice flavor for the health benefits, so it really is the best of both worlds.

The good news is that we also include product reviews, so whenever you want to enjoy your favorite sauce without the sugar, you can have fantastic store-bought options delivered straight to your door!

No Sugar Sauce was created after a gestational diabetes diagnosis in early pregnancy that left us confused about what I could/couldn’t eat.  With so much of the pregnancy ahead, it was important to still be able to enjoy delicious food without spiking my blood sugar levels.

Being able to make sugar free BBQ sauce for grilling, ketchup for burgers, chocolate sauce for keto pancakes (and everything in between) was a lifesaver!  And actually was quite eye opening to how much sugar is contained in regular sauces.  

Even after welcoming our little one, we haven’t looked back and have continued to enjoy these delicious sugar free sauces!